Thai Ingredients

Thailand's culinary arts are perfect testimony to the Thai unique culture.  For us, food is all important, an expression of our very identity.  Rice is Thailand's staple, while the fertile lands further yield a huge variety of green vegetables, herbs, spices and tropical fruits.

Rivers, lakes and coastal waters provide a wealth of fish and seafood.  Such an abundance of fresh rather than preserved ingredients contributes to the distinctiveness of the cuisine.

Thai herbs and spices such as garlic, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, coriander, turmeric, red and green chillies and kapi (shrimp paste) give distinction, but most essentially, Thai food is characterised by the balance and harmony of an amazing blend of hot, sweet and sour flavours.

Chilli (Prik): cures flatulence. ChilliesStimulates blood circulation. Drives gas out of the stomach. Increases perspiration and aids digestion.

Ginger (Khing): relieves nasal congestion and aids the digestive system by curing flatulence as ginger stimulates contractions of the stomach.Ginger


Coriander (Pak Chi): aids digestion and deodorizes the meat’s smell cures flatulence and reduces phlegm.

Holy / Sacred Basil (Bai Kra Pow): deodorizes the meat’s scent. Solves the problem of excessive stomach gas and colicky pain, helps to digest food and is high in eugenol which is an anti-inflammatory compound.  Increases perspiration and reduces phlegm.

Holy Basil
GalangalGalangal (Kha): helps the digestive system to digest food. Cures flatulence. Carminative – drives phlegm from the throat and relaxes muscles.
Sweet Basil

Sweet basil (Bai Horapha):seasons the food. Deodorizes the meat’s scent. Cures flatulence and aids digestion. Reduces phlegm.

Kaffir Lime Leaf

Kaffir lime (Ma Krud): deodorizes the meat’s scent. Leaves and skin aid digestion and reduce the effects of over eating.

Spring OnionSpring onion (Ton Hom): aids colds and fevers by clearing the respiratory system.
Lemon Grass

Lemon grass (Ta Khrai): deodorizes the meat’s scent, and cures stomach ache as it will relieve contractions in the intestines (curing flatulence).

Tamarind (Makham): cures stomach problems and constipation. Contains vitamin C and calcium so it is good for bones and teeth.


Lesser Ginger

Lesser Ginger (Kra Chai): has stomach relieving properties and helps make you feel fresh.

Hairy Basil

Hairy basil (Bai Mang Luk): solves the problem of excessive stomach gas and nourishes the heart.


Lime (Manao): drink limejuice to eradicate phlegm. Solves the problem of bleeding gums.

Onion / shallot (Hom Hua yai / Hom Lek): alleviation of stomach discomfort. Help decrease heart and blood diseases as it protect the arterial walls from fat. Reduces phlegm.

 Onions & Shallots
Green Pepper

Pepper (Prik Thai): cures flatulence and reduces phlegm.


Mint (Sa-ra-nai): reduces perspiration and cures flatulence. Contains vitamin C that helps protect against colds and fevers. Its fragrance is invigorating.


Turmeric root (Kha min): after eating, stomach problems are relieved e.g. gastric or peptic ulcers.

Garlic Garlic(Kratiem): decreases cholesterol in the blood and destroys blockages in blood vessels so it can help control blood pressure and heart diseases. Helps drive parasitic worms out of the stomach. Solves problems of throat disease, asthmatic and colicky pains and nourishes the lungs.