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Customers are advised to let our staff know if you've got a food intolerance or preference.

The symbols are indicated if you are unsure, please ask a member of staff for assistance

  1. Spicy Thai Prawn                         Crackers (C, G)    

   2. Elle's Platter (G, SE, C)
      (for two people)
Chicken Satay, Vegetable Spring Rolls, Prawn on Toast, Sweetcorn Cake and fried Won Ton
Served with a selection of three different sauces


  3. Vegetable Spring                           Rolls V  (G)
Crispy vegetable and vermicelli spring rolls served with sweet chilli sauce


   4. Thai Dumplings
Minced chicken, prawns and water chestnuts in wonton pastry steamed and served with sweet and sour dark soy sauce and dried shallot

   5. Chicken Satay
Grilled marinated chicken served with peanut sauce

   6. Chicken & Prawn on Toast 
       (P, C, M, G)
Crispy minced prawn on toast served with fresh pickled cucumber sauce


 7. Chicken Wonton (G)
Minced chicken in wonton skin deep fried with sweet chilli sauce


   8. Thai Fish Cake (G, E, C)
Traditional spicy Thai fish cakes served with fresh pickled cucumber and peanut sauce


   9. Crispy Tofu V (G)
Served with sweet and sour dipping sauce topped with crushe
d peanuts


   10. Spicy Sweetcorn Cake V (G) 
Sweetcorn cakes with Thai spices served with fresh pickled cucumber, peanuts and corianders


   11. Pork Spare Ribs (G, S, F, MO)
Grilled marinated spare ribs in BBQ sauce Thai style


   12. Duck Spring Rolls (G)
Crispy duck and vegetable spring rolls served with sweet chilli sauce


   Aromatic Crispy Duck (G, S)
Served with cucumber, spring onions and Hoisin sauce
Whole £29.00
Half £15.00
Quarter £9.50